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There were two migrant Nigerians, Obi and Tunde who went to sojourn in a foreign land. The younger of these migrants was a married man and had 7 children, but the older was single. They were seasoned farmers. They worked hard on a land that was good. For many years the harvest was good, and each year these two Nigerians split the wealth of the land evenly.Thanking God for their prosperity, they gathered the grain into their separate barns. After the harvest, the older single migrant thought to himself: “it is not right that we should divide the grain evenly, my colleague has many mouths to feed and he needs more. I have only myself to look after. I can certainly get by with less”. So each night he would take grain from his barn and secretly transfer it to the married migrant’s barn.

That same night the married colleague thought to himself: “it is not right that we should divide the grain evenly. I have many children who will look after me in my old age. My colleague has only himself. Surely he will need to save more for the future”. So each night the married colleague would take grain from his barn and secretly transfer it to his brother’s barn.So, as it happened, each night Obi and Tunde gave away their grain; yet each morning they found their supply mysteriously replenished. Neither migrant told the other the miracle. 

Then one night after a month or so, they both met each other half way between the barns. They realized at once what had been happening. They embraced themselves with laughter and tears. The world fashioned by these two migrants is a beautiful one. This is what the Nigerian Catholic Chaplaincy is all about. Providing a spiritual and pastoral care to Nigerians in a culturally sensitive way, and creating an atmosphere of friendly co-operation, harmonious relationships and a family spirit. ‘Home away from Home’.Hebrew 10:24-25 states; “Let us be concerned for one another, to show love and to be good. Let us not give up the habit of meeting together, as some are doing. Instead, let us encourage one another”.We surely need one another. A flower requires the action of a butterfly to do the assignment of cross-fertilization. To blossom, a plant needs the action of the sun, and no battery charges itself without another source of energy. Of the truth we need one another, and how wonderful would it be if we all Nigerians dwell in unity?

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