Monthly Blessings

Monthly Blessing – Fr Peter Audu

Some nights could be interesting and others could be scary, but they are all supposed to give rest and refreshments. To have a scary night is one of human’s most terrible experience. 

 Think of the darkness, the loneliness and the quietness. Think of the story tales of evil spirits moving and flying around. Think of the fear that grips the frail mind at the sound of some suspicious movements of people of the underworld. After all this, then imagine the anxiety and enormous joy that comes with the sound of the first crow of the cork that announces the dawn of light and a new day. That is exactly how the favours of God dispels sorrow from human life.  With the power of the Priestly anointing in me I lift up my hand and plead with God to bless you today and all through the month as it was from ancient times.  May God bless you and keep you in his peace. May God let his face shine upon you. May your days be ordered by the faithfulness of his decrees. May your hands be blessed for a fruitful labour. May your feet be firmly rooted on the blessed promises of his holy throne. May your heart be unshaken in believing God for all your needs. May the lofty prophecies of his kingdom soak into your bones like oil. May his guadian Angels stand around you like an army set in battle array. And may your old age be full of peace, full of health, full of strength, and full of cheer.  You are blessed in Jesus name. Amen 

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