Lenten Talk on Fasting

Chaplain – Fr Peter Audu

What is Lent? 

  • Much talk about it, even Children want to observe it
  • Season comes once a year when our minds and thoughts are directed towards God
  • At the beginning: go for ashes; what day is that?
  • A time we acknowledge the wrong things we do and offer them up
  • Time to return to God
  • What are some of the wrong things one can do or we do?

How do we observe it? 

  • During Lent we do penance: spiritual activities to help us build relationship with God
  • Various ways of penance: Prayer, Fasting, Almsgiving

What is fasting?

  • Fasting is opportunity to give up something: what are you giving up? What is it?
  • Resolutions by people (media fast – replace dps, FB, Skype, putting up messages as “off FB for lent”; other resolutions are to give up chocolate, games, toys, racing cars, going to McDonalds, watching TVs at hours.
  • What do you do when you give up those things?
  • Replace it with something spiritual that will make you grow in spirit
  • Replace with what will help us develop and grow, to help our family, our school community and our friends

What fasting is not?

  • You give up those things and yet continue with our attitude towards others

Why do we fast? 

  • God ask us to fast
  • Appreciate our weakness
  • Appreciate the condition of others
  • Give time to God: master our evil ways
  • The point of fasting is to help us think of our sinfulness: how we have offended God, mum and dad, our teachers, our friends and lead us to apologise
  • Return to God

What to do when we fast?

  • We return to God. How? Through constant prayer
  • Rend your heart not your garment: make confession; apologise to people and change
  • Do good to others always: help less privileged people


  • Contrition: to change your mind, think about God and be truly sorry (Joel 2:13)
  • Confession: admit one’s wrong doing, forsake them and make confession
  • Conduct: some never see anything wrong with their actions:

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