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The Catholic Church

The history of the Catholic Church stretches back 2000 years from where ever in the world you are reading this to a small room in Jerusalem when Mary and the Apostles received the Holy Spirit from God. Since then, protected by the Holy Spirit, God’s Holy Church has grown in number and deepened in faith as she proclaims and awaits the second coming of the Word of God. This time line is an attempt to trace that history. At its heart is the line of popes

The Chaplaincy

The suggestion for the coming together of people in diaspora who are Catholics and share a common cultural background was first made by Cardinal Francis Arinze during a Mass he celebrated with Africans at Westminster Cathedral in 1985. Following this suggestion, some Africans rose up to the challenge and started what became known as the Association of African Catholics. Initially, the group met at West Hampstead and later at Battersea Park. It was here they requested a chaplain and Rev. Fr. John Kirby RIP was duly appointed Chaplain of the Association of African Catholics and he worked tirelessly to give status to the Association.

The Chaplains

Fr. Matthew has gained years of working experience in areas such as Parish and pastoral work, School administration, and social work. Main area of expertise include administration, Social development, women’s right, Peace building and conflict resolution, Parish and Community development, Prison apostolate, etc.

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"Faithfulness to God is rewarding. God bless you"

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"God is good. He is always good. Trust him. he never fails anyone"

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"Greater is he (The Lord) that lives in me, than he that is in the world"